Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Looks like we are in for a great year. Significance was the early success and Easter is our second target for relevance in the 21st century. How about a drama whose characters are based on 3 dead, ex-mafiosa who are now angels and sent back to earth to bring the people back to God.

Knuckles, Scillachi & Smoothie are heaven's version of the 3 stoogies. Knuckles is still of the opinion that "might is right" and Smoothie is very much a ladies man, while Scillachi is the responsible(???) angel-in-charge. Mayhem ensues and religion gets a poke in the eye while these 3 mugsateers go on a rampage to win the world for Jesus.

Don't be anywhere else on Easter Sunday night or we'll send the 3 of them round to your house to get you!!


  1. Come on everyone, it should be the best nite ever!!!!!

  2. Absolutely!!! Invite everyone you know!!!

  3. Brilliant night guys - you were all stars. Hilarious show with great message. The video clip was the most powerful thing I have seen in a long time - tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Thank you to everyone xx