Sunday, 22 March 2009


Do curses exist?
How do they 'fall' upon us?
Is it possible to revoke them?

In an interesting book called "The Book of Irish Curses" the author Patrick C. Power outlines the types, rituals, authors and formulae for cursing, reciting many historic Irish events. But how real can this be? Can we seriously believe that curses effect people in this educated and scientific age?

After much study of this subject through all the verses in the bible, coupled with natural events and the personal experiences of many people, we will look at how a curse can fall, be effective and even unnoticed and accepted by the unwary recipient.

'Are you serious?' I hear you ask! But how many of us have been told by our teachers that we'd never amount to anything? It's only when we reflect on the effect their words had on our lives that we realise; we were driven by the fear hidden and embedded in the words we received from the "important others" in our lives.

The following two weeks will help us uncover destiny forming (or malforming) events that may be still be shaping our lives and possibly resolve some issues that steer us in a subliminal manner.

Life in both it's extent and it's intensity is empowered by what we believe about ourselves. Some of what we may be believing, either actively or passively, may be empowering a lower quality of life than we can achieve. Why not come and find out for yourself? Sunday 19th April & 26th April @ 11:00 am.

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  1. I have been waiting in eager anticipation for you to deliver this message!! I remember the first time I heard it and it changed my life!