Monday, 9 March 2009

ALPHA begins again!

Our new Alpha course begins on Monday 20th April at 7pm. Check out the Alpha link on our website for all the details about the course. We are expecting a large crowd as already we have had emails, phonecalls etc from many people registering for the course. So keep inviting family, friends, neighbours as we desire to impact as many as possible with the incredible truth of God's love.


  1. Alpha course last year was amazing. Come along guys and bring your friends. It gives you an open forum to ask anything - all those questions about life, the universe, everything . . . and we always have a great night! It changed my life for the better and forever. I didn't realise what I had been missing. Now I am in a relationship with God and can see a happy life ahead. Just do it! Come along. Lin xx

  2. Come along everyone, you won't be disappointed. Ask any question which is on your mind, even "what your going to have for diner?
    No question is to stupid, believe me, me and david has asked them all. Some of the amazing talks and workshops made me open my eyes and realise God is there for you, on your side. Bring everyone...:)