Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Coffees-r-us. All through the summer - if we're open we're serving. What's the cost of a cuppa and a bite? The loan of your ear and your craic while you're here.

You've seen us on Facebook - you've maybe even been through an Alpha course. Drop in for inspirational input - who knows what doors might open for you? Your questions are our meat & potatoes. We thrive on them. Life is more than a series of disconnected events. Surely we are meant for more than to micro-manage a series of random events that propel us through life. There must be a purpose. All it takes is one moment of revelation, one simple paradigm shift in your thinking and when you see it - you'll never be the same again. Your future has been in your hands for all your life - we want to give you some tools to focus your vision and aspire to the best version of you that's available.

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